The Art Of Vladimir Kolosov

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Vladimir Kolosov
Eternal Question (photograph from the installation, 2015)
Eternal question
Poster photograph 
based on installation, 2015

Vladimir Kolosov
"Two Lives"
Two lives
(Mixed: bronze, metal, porcelain, plastic, acrylic, paper, glue, wood), 11"x10"x8", 2018

Somewhere in Idaho
(Mixed: Acrylic, Dental Cast, Resin on Wooden Board), 24"x20"x3", 2016

Discussions in epoque of turbulence
(Mixed: Acrylic, Fabric, Metal and Plastic Zippers, Rope, Resin on Wooden Board), 30"x24"x3", 2016

Choir of cyclopes
(Mixed: Acrylic, Dental Cast, Plastic, Fabric, Resin on Wooden Board), 36"x24"x8", 2016

Vladimir Kolosov
Somewhere in Idaho
Vladimir Kolosov
"Discussions in epoque of turbulence"
Vladimir Kolosov
"Choir of cyclopes"
Vladimir Kolosov
"It wonders" (diptych "The Wonder")
Vladimir Kolosov
"They wonder" (Diptych "The wonder")
The wonder
Diptych (left: "It wonders", right: "They wonder"
(Mixed: Acrylic, Dental Cast, Plastic, Resin on Wooden Board), 12"x24"x3" (each panel), 2016

Vladimir Kolosov
"Hot Line"
Hot Line
(Mixed: Wood, mobile phones, vintage telephone, cords, acrylic), 24"x48"x12", 2017

Vladimir Kolosov
"Tell me it's not true"
Tell me it's not true
(Mixed: Plastic, Acrylic, Clay, Newspaper, Carton, Penoplast, Foamboard, Metal, Resin), 58"x36"x7", 2017

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