The Art Of Vladimir Kolosov
I believe there to be no greater medium for expression than works of art, an idea is best spread through artwork as it allows the audience to interpret it in their own individual ways – which creates a stronger bond between art and audience. For this reason I chose art as my main means of expressing both the extraordinary and the simple joys and intricacies of the world that I have come across in my lifetime. Words would not suffice in trying to explain the inner workings of the mind – paint on a canvas does a much better job at showcasing the emotions and thoughts that ran through my mind with each particular event or thought portrayed in my artwork. Some of these artworks relate directly to events that I have experienced, and some are just ponders of what could have been or what is currently happening around the world from my point of view. Art is my passion, and my main way of letting the fragments of my mind flow out and allow them to be expressed.
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